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Follow The Rules

A few Rules to applying for a celeb:

1. No Killing a character, if you no longer wish to play your celeb, drop me a line at and I can get that sorted.

2. Your celebrity entries can either imitate what's happening in that actual celebs life or it can be completely made up.

3. No bashing.

4. Try not swear too much.

5. Update your charcters journal at least once every TWO weeks [twice a month MINIMUM]

6. Comment on other charcters journal.

7. Post in User Info a disclaimer saying your not your character!

8. No killing another celebrity [I cannot stress this enough]

9. Once a month post at least one of your entries in the In Character journal.

10. You can only have up to 3 celebrity journals.

OPTIONAL: Make your Journal Friends Only so only other players can view it.

Not following these rules could lead to getting banned from the community or have you celeb journal taken away.
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